Kaleidoscope Krone

The musings of an adventurous traveling artist fascinated by the healing power of plants and the energy of the universe.

Enter at your own risk

Travel Diary Dala Art

One of the Krone's favorite ways to capture the experience of events and discoveries in any given day is by creating a dala.  Purchase a Pdf versions of her illustrated journals. Click here to check the store for availability.


Travel Triflexagons

One of a kind, original Illustrated triflexagons created on location as the Krone travels the world. Discover your name hidden in the design. Click here to Contact the Krone directly to check for availability.

The Natural World ... and Pathways

Herb, rock, insect ... flower, tree, bird ... gem, feather, bone. Bridges, roads, rivers ... cathedrals, boats, stairs ... The art of geometry and the geometry of art.

puzzle pieces - colorful shapes - patterns of life - patterns of life gone by

The manner in which colorful shapes fit together and create new variations of colorful shapes is a never-ending game of careful attention and observation.  Nature does not judge. All is terrifyingly beautiful.


Step inside the world of Kaleidoscope Krone.  You are invited to join the journey to explore and discover the wonders of life, light, sound, movement and the mystery of why it all exists.  

Consider each day a kaleidoscope of infinite possibilities

What does it feel like to live creatively? Anyone can do it; being an artist is not a requirement. The Kaleidoscope Krone will guide you as you step into and embrace your own creative spirit.


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