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pondering solutions travel Feb 22, 2019

February 22, 2019

My body aches from so much sitting and standing in front of my computer.  I've cancelled three trips. The large painting on my easel groans for my company.  Only my sketchbook can wrestle me away from the dreaded task of learning the best skills possible to cut my...

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What inspires me?

Almost everything.  As soon as I open my eyes in the morning I see something that triggers questions, ideas and a sense of awe.

For almost two years I monitored a facebook group called Daily Sketchers.  My goal was to inspire artists to draw every day and to see...

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Flexagon Travel Maps


July 7, 2018

Flexagons transform my travel sketches into a multifaceted flip toy that alters the patterns of my compositions in delightful ways.  They challenge me to see the landscape and objects around me in ways that can be reshaped playfully, rhythmically and poetically.

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