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pondering solutions travel Feb 22, 2019

February 22, 2019

My body aches from so much sitting and standing in front of my computer.  I've cancelled three trips. The large painting on my easel groans for my company.  Only my sketchbook can wrestle me away from the dreaded task of learning the best skills possible to cut my computer time, long term, by 80%. 

Tears and cursing have not helped.  What has helped is my determination and willingness to search through the multitude of online tutorials until I find the ones that explain "how to" in a way that I can actually comprehend and execute.  My time and diligence is beginning to pay off as I accomplish tasks in fifteen minutes that would have taken me six hours two weeks ago.

Why am I doing this?

A decade ago I wished it were possible to share my experiences, skills and lessons I've learned by living my life as an artist, while also becoming a mother, teacher, traveler, rock climber, mediocre (at  best) musician and overall adventure seeker. Throughout all the challenges life has thrown at me, I've never lost the joy of seeing, my love for life and my insatiable curiosity. Through art, I express it all and it nourishes my soul, keeping it strong to face the next challenge and to stay open to the beauty and wonder around me; people, nature, places, and the things people create. Now we have the technology for me to share my experiences, skills and lessons.  It's taken me almost a year to get a grasp on how to create my online courses properly and to organize myself well enough to present the information that people want, in a way they can easily understand.

Sometimes, the solution is easy ... I've just been looking in the wrong place or not taking the time to hunt a little deeper for an even easier and quicker way to resize files, organize information and integrate the information I already have posted in far too many websites and blogs.  This morning I found the right online tutorial that walked me through the steps of resizing my thousands of travel photos almost instantly.  Two days ago I thought I had the resizing issue solved.  Unfortunately, there were a few steps skipped or incorrect in the tutorial and I had to double-check everything after finding a few errors.  No time saved there!

Back to sorting photos to post in galleries to support my upcoming trip back to the UK!  

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